Photographic Mazatlan

Las Labradas

Mazatlán is the kind of place that has many stories to tell. A way to tell those stories is through pictures, photographs of the city, the landscape and the people from Mazatlán: the native ones and those who have made Mazatlán their home but weren´t born in the city. The images can bring a bit of the experience for those who want to know about Mazatlán.

40 minutes out of town is the rural town of El Quelite which is known for its color houses and for it´s traditional feel and food. In El Quelite you can find a restaurant called El Mesón de los Laureanos with authentic regional delicious food, also a Charrería show. Charrería is the Mexican rodeo where “charros” which is called the mexican Cowboy performs a laso show with his dancing horse. Also, there is an ancient game called “Ulama” where a 7 pound rubber ball is passed along from a player without ever using your hands. The hit the ball with their hips. This site is an excellent one for photographers who like ethnic photo themes.

Another site is Las Labradas. Off the fisherman´s village of Barras de Piaxtla, about an hour or so from Mazatlán, is the beach of Las Labradas where the visitor can find petroglyphs carved along the coastal rocks of the beach. These carvings date as far as back pre-hispanic times to the Toltec Indian (800-1000 CE). It is a mystical, peaceful place. An archeological site preserved for exploration and observation, providing moments of reflection and serenity. In Las Labradas you can take excellent photographs and try to capture the mysticism of the place.

Old Mazatlán dates back to the 19th century. Many restaurant owners, shop owners and artists have invested in the area with encouragement and some of them with support from the local government. It has become a popular meeting destination for festivities, cultural events and social gatherings. It´s a wonderful area to walk through as old clashes with newness to support the history and culture of the city.

In the Centro Histórico you can capture the history of Mazatlán. The Spanish  and other European, American and also Asian migrant past.

The Olas Altas (tall waves) beach, a favorite of surfing, is next to the historic center and the whole malecón: from the hill to Valentino´s point is one of the perfect spots to watch the sunset. Mazatlán sunsets are world famous.

The Three islands in front of the bay are great for photographs. Over there you can see Mazatlán form another point of view and take pictures from the ocean and also submarine pictures.

Another great spot is El Faro, one of the highest natural lighthouses of the world. From the top you can take outstanding photos of all Mazatlán.

If you want to come and experience the Mazatlán feel through your camera lens, you can find a house for sale in the malecón with an excellent ocean view. Also there are hotels and hostels of all kinds and prices all over town.

People, food, sunsets, old houses and buildings, the beach, the ocean, the colors, the history. Mazatlán has a lot to offer for the photographer. It is a paradise. 

Photographic and Art Galleries in Mazatlan

Galerias en Mazatlan

Mazatlán art galleries offer something for every kind of art collector: from the traditional Mexican artisan handcraft to the spectacular modern painting, photographs, mixed techniques, conceptual art and sculptures of internationally acclaimed artists.

The artists (painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers, artisans, conceptual artists, graffiti artists) have set up their studios throughout the Centro Histórico where most of the galleries are located. The Centro Histórico is also where the Mazatlán Artwalk takes place. This self guided tour was created by the local and foreign based artists and sponsored by the local cultural institutions and some businesses. The sites are easy to access, with all located within a roughly 10 square block area from Olas Altas to Teniente Azueta street and Aleman to Canizales.

The Artwalk takes place the first Friday of each month, November until May, from 4 pm to 8pm. You can find maps of the tour in the Centro Histórico businesses or in this site:, where you can find pictures of all the artists work and biographies.

Some of the Galleries located in the Centro Histórico are:

  • Baupres Gallery
  • Casa Étnika
  • Gandarva Bazar
  • Glen Rogers Art Studio & Gallery
  • La Querencia Art Gallery
  • Look Gallery
  • Los Tlacuaches
  • Michael Gallery
  • Nautilus Galería
  • Nidart
  • Único Gallery

Another Galleries and museums in the Centro Histórico are the ones from the Mazatlán Cultural institution, from the local and state Government:

The Ángela Peralta Theater and Art Galleries

The Ángela Peralta Theater has two public art galleries: the second floor gallery and the Galería Rubio. Both galleries feature public exhibitions of works by local artists and are open weekdays from mid-morning until late afternoon.

The Mazatlán Arts Museum

They have exhibitions from local and regional artists and also from internationally recognized Mexican artists including Edgardo Coghlan, José Luis Cuevas, Vicente Rojo, Antonio López Sáenz, Rufino Tamayo and Francisco Toledo. Among other recognized artists.

The Museum also hosts a wide range of cultural activities including art workshops for children.

The Archeological Museum

The museum contributes to the cultural task of showing the history of the area showing the   richness of the archeology that characterizes the cultures that fluorished and developed during the prehispanic era in this region, but there are also art exhibitions of any kind.

Casa Haas Museum

The Casa Haas Museum every two years hosts the art collection of the Noroeste Bienal Prize which includes artwork from artists of the noroeste region (The states of Sinaloa, Sonora, Baja and Baja sur) There are also concerts, film exhibitions, plays and other art exhibitions.

Other Museums and Galleries:

  • Centro Cultural Rosales

A new place located in downtown but not in the Centro Histórico, is a cultural place with a great view, library, a gallery with some of the work of Antonio López Sáenz, the history of The University of Sinaloa, galleries for art, concerts and performances of all kind.

  • OMA Gallery

Right on the airport! This gallery was designed to be a permanent fixture of the General Rafael Buelna International Airport mezzanine. OMA Gallery is a modern minimalist construction of panels floating from the ceiling with artwork on both sides.

As you can see, Mazatlán has an interesting plastic art scene besides Opera, theater and music festivals for those who like the whole combo: art, food, sun and beach. If you want to experience the Mazatlán art scene and be a part of it, you can find accommodation in the Centro Histórico where most of the museums and galleries are located. There are bed and breakfast, Hotel boutiques, hostels and house for rent. There are also a variety of condos, if you want to buy a condo and also rent one in the malecón, the golden zone and the Cerritos area.

Mazatlán is a great place for the artist and a source for inspiration.